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Free Tech Support by Black Box

  Configure your KVM drawer from Black.

19“ KVM drawers provide a comfortable working area directly at your server cabinet or rack. The ServView series from Black Box is not only characterized by a rugged design with a long life time, you can customize this KVM Drawer with many options to suit your needs:

  • Size of the display
  • Single or separate keyboard drawer
  • Keyboard layout (language)
  • Video- and peripheral interfaces
  • Integrated KVM Switch with up to 16-ports with or without remote IP access
  • Mounting rails for different cabinet depth

Online Configurator for KVM drawers from Black Box

Mit unserem Konfigurator ermitteln Sie schnell das passende Modell für Ihre Parameter mit der Option einer für Sie unverbindlichen Angebotsanfrage. Selbstverständlich stehen Ihnen auch unsere Produktexperten für eine kostenlose Beratung zur Verfügung.

With our Online Configurator tool, you quickly find the right feature set for your ServView KVM drawer with a comfortable quote request function. Of course the product experts from our Free Tech Support department, can assist you anytime.

More about the ServView KVM Drawers from Black Box in our web shop

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