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KVM-over-IP Switching & Extension

Control Multiple Computers and Servers from any Distance

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The InvisaPC™ KVM over IP Matrix Switching and Extension zero-client solution extends and switches HD video and peripheral signals over an IP network (LAN or Internet). It is designed for low-latency switching and extension at outstandingly low bandwidth requirements. With the InvisaPC™ solution, digital DVI video, keyboard, and mouse (KVM) signals can be accessed across IP networks whilst the computers can be removed from the work space and relocated to a secure, climate-controlled environment. In this way, one to 1000 users can operate several remote computers from their desks in real time without any performance issues.

KVM Over Ethernet: Powering the Virtual Workspace

InvisaPC™ KVM over IP is a signal distribution device that distributes and extends KVM, VGA , DVI-D video, and USB signals over an Ethernet network. With InvisaPC™ you can access virtual machines as well as physical devices for IP and cloud-based workflows. This allows a seamless integration of virtual machines and physical servers providing a way to lower TCO, optimise workflows, lower response times and increase productivity without the expense of consuming more bandwidth.

InvisaPC™ Features at a Glance

  • Remote PC Access and Access to Virtual Machines

    Enabling users to access and manage remote servers and remote desktops located as far as your network goes or even over an Internet connection

  • Remote Server Monitoring and Out-of-band Management

    Facilitating bios-level tasks such as hardware sensor monitoring (fan speed, power voltages, chassis intrusion) as well as remote server reboots

  • Distribute Video & USB over IP

    Perfect for distributing DVI video and USB signals over IP across multiple sites, such as remote control rooms or industrial process control.

Product Benefits

Remote Access to Virtual Machines

Remote Access to Virtual Machines

Access and manage virtual machines such as VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper V, and Citrix® through a hot-key OSD or a touch-based control interface like ControlBridge

Remote Server Access over IP

Remote Server Access over IP

Access and manage an unlimited number of servers and PCs from any location and share resources such as hardware and licences across an existing IP network or the internet

Low bandwidth requirements

Transmitting a 1080p movie only requires 35 Mbps bandwidth, allowing the real desktop experience over the internet at very low latency and bandwidth consumption

System Management & Security

Systems Management & Security

Connect with the Boxilla™ AV/KVM Manager to monitor and control your entire KVM network, set up user access control, monitor bandwidth, receive automated security alerts and more

Unlimited Scalability

Unlimited Scalability

Start off with a small point-to-point extension and scale up to a KVM matrix of thousands of users and servers just by adding additional receivers and/or transmitters

Cost Saving Technology

Cost-saving Technology

Enables a virtual infrastructure that lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) of hardware and management costs. Power consumption is about 3 Watts per unit which, compared to a desktop PC, is 100 times more energy efficient

InvisaPC™ Use Cases

Command & Control Rooms

Command & Control Rooms
  • Connect operators, source PCs and video walls flexibly.
  • Enable cloud RDP server to run as a service.
  • Preserve legacy applications and provide access to new systems.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Provide real-time access to process control systems.
  • Flexible access across an industrial plant.
  • Easily relocate user connections.

Broadcast and Post Production

Broadcast and Post Production
  • Combine high-performance KVM SDI systems and IP-based workflows.
  • Access post-production video libraries on virtual servers.
  • Connect the whole process chain, from live production and editing to playout.


  • Provide access to Windows- and Linux-based virtual machines.
  • Shared zero-client access for lab tutors, students, and teachers.
  • Supports virtualised systems to eliminate constant PC imaging in network labs.

Industry Applications

Product Portfolio


Virtual KVM over IP

The InvisaPC™ KVM over IP product portfolio is composed of transmitters and receivers as well as the InvisaPC™ Manager, supporting access to a maximum of 32 physical and/or virtual servers by each user.

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Centralised KVM & AV Manager

Boxilla™ Centralised KVM & AV Manager allows global centralised management of KVM and AV devices. This ultimately helps with consolidating server access and device management via locally or remotely connected KVMoIP devices.

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Product Resources

InvisaPC™ Brochure

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InvisaPC™ Flyer

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InvisaPC™ Data Sheet

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Application Note DKM and InvisaPC

Application Note

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