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IC115A-R2: RS-232/V.24, (1) 16550 UART
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PCMCIA Async Serial I/O Adapter

Get more mobility with an extra COM-port

  • Has one 16550 UART.
  • Add serial ports to your laptop computer and really go to work.
  • Control/automate RS-232 devices without being tied to your desk.
  • RS-232 distances up to 15.2 m.
  • Complies fully with PCMCIA Type II specs.
  • Supports all major card and socket services software.
  • Drivers are included for Windows® 95/98/Me/XP, Windows NT®, and Windows 2000.
  • Also work with all other PCMCIA-compatible operating systems, including DOS, Linux™, and QNX.
  • Include (1) DB25 male to PCMCIA Type II dongle interface cableand a utility disk for diagnostics.
  • Cable has locking connects to prevent accidental disconnects.
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(1) 16550 UART
  PCMCIA Async Serial I/O Adapter  
PCMCIA Async Serial I/O Adapter
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PCMCIA Async Serial I/O Adapter Datasheet
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