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Data centres

You know your organisation, and we know how to design today's data centre.

The data centre has come a very long way in a short space of time. The relaxed attitude toward power usage and real estate has disappeared, replaced by the need to reduce costs, whilst providing higher levels of availability and secure management access.

Black Box can help with high performance solutions for successful data centre design and management. With the latest cooling and monitoring soltions, power management systems and Local and Remote Management Devices, the Data Centre Manager is in a position to take control in achieving management objectives like:

  • Increasing the DCIE (data centre infrastructure efficiency)
  • Reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) using power monitoring, control and management to improve PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)

Cooling and
Monitoring Solutions

Cooling and Monitoring Solutons in Data Centres

Expansion / refurbishment of existing data centres can provide the opportunity to move from traditional Perimeter Cooling systems, to far more effective containment solutions that only cool the cabinets and not the whole data centre.

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Power Management

Power Management in Data Centres

As the cost of energy soars, reducing wasted power, and understanding the real needs of the Data Centre become critical to achieving lower running costs.

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Local and Remote
Device Management

Local and Remote Device Management in Data Centres

As Data Centres become more secure, the need for the customer to still have remote access for management and control grow ever more. Learn how the very latest in remote access technology can provide the perfect secure gateway.

Read more about local and remote command and control options.

QSFP and SFP DACs - Direct Attach Cables


When connecting networking equipment in high-density, high-bandwidth data center racks, SFP and QSFP cables – also called Direct Attach Cables (DACs) – that operate over passive copper are the most cost-effective interconnects available.
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QSFP and SFP AOCs - Active Optical Cables


When it comes to high-speed networking interconnects inside a rack or between racks inside the data center. AOCs deliver a great combination of performance and affordability.
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TIA942 Data Centre Standards

The TIA942 Data Centre Standards Overview describes the requirements for a data centre and breaks down into four Tiers. These tiers are designed by the level of service they need to provide and the standard lays out everything from power requirements, to temperature control, and includes space utilisation, containment systems, data centre access, availability, cabling and back up systems amongst other requirements.

Green Field Sites

Green field sites provide the best opportunity to utilise the latest in cooling and power management technologies, reducing TCO whilst minimising OPEX. Integrating BMS and EMS, installing free air cooling, sensible heat management solutions and advanced power profiling solutions increase PUE and DCIE, and provide the ability to manage the entire real estate from a single console.

As experts of Data Centre CDM, Black Box are able to advise you on the benefits of all the major technologies employed from infrastructure choice and design, cabinet construction, through to advanced power profiling and remote server access.

For more information on the TIA942 Data Centre Standard and/or Green Field Sites and how Black Box Solutions supports these, please contact Black Box today or request a 30 minutes FREE consultation with one of our experts.