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Letter From The CEO

The objective of our company is ensuring safety of all our employees, customers and stakeholders by following the safety and regulatory protocols and guidelines.

Letter from the CEO - March 17, 2020

The unprecedented events of the COVID-19 pandemic cause uncertainty for businesses and our communities. Black Box is actively monitoring developments of the outbreak and we are taking steps to support the health and safety of our team members and customers. Let me share some of the ways we are dealing with the crisis.

Our first priority is the safety of our team members and customers. To support this priority, we have:

  • Directed all team members, including those who interact with customers, to take appropriate preventative measures. This includes regular and consistent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray and wipes, increased cleaning and sanitizing of all Black Box facilities with a particular emphasis on geographic areas experiencing the greatest impact.
  • Deferred all international and domestic travel for team members with the exception of essential business needs.
  • Closed Black Box offices to outside visitors.
  • Taken steps to enable team members who do not feel well to stay home, recover, and avoid interacting with other team members and customers.

Our next priority is to ensure our customers continue to get the products and services they expect from us. To support this effort, we have activated elements of our Business Continuity Plan. As part of this plan:

  • We have a dedicated, cross-functional team tasked with monitoring the situation, managing internal and external communications, and ensuring that we are able to continue supporting our customers and partners as the situation develops.
  • We have aggressively implemented our work-from-home procedures and remote servicing capabilities.
  • We continue to coordinate with our partners, sub-contractors, distributors, vendors, and other suppliers to ensure a robust supply chain with a ready supply of the necessary materials and a trained workforce for your business needs.
  • Teams are closely monitoring the outbreak and are taking appropriate steps, as advised by the CDC and WHO. Because the event parameters are dynamic, Black Box will continue to provide timely updates.

We anticipate that as the situation evolves your needs may change as well. Please know that the Black Box team is prepared to help you address those challenges. I encourage you to reach out to your local account manager or local Black Box contact for assistance. Together, we'll manage through this unprecedented situation.


Sanjeev Verma
President & CEO of Black Box Corporation
Executive Director of Black Box Ltd

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